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Fatal car accidents often involve speeding drivers

No doubt, many Texas drivers can understand how easy it can be to exceed the speed limit while behind the wheel, particularly with a wide-open road ahead. However, most people, when faced with such a temptation, will closely monitor the situation and drive responsibly, knowing that car accidents can result from speeding. Unfortunately, though, some people still drive too fast, sometimes causing a tragic outcome. Such was the case recently when two pedestrians were killed by a speeding SUV on a Houston roadway.

Texas car accidents: 2 killed in multi-vehicle crash

Many Texas residents have experienced a flat tire sometime during their driving history. Typically, people in such a position are able to safely pull over to the side of the road and change the tire. However, car accidents can occur in such situations, either when the affected vehicle slows down to exit the road, or even when the car's occupants stand outside the vehicle once it has stopped. Unfortunately, what began as a fairly common and easily rectified problem can sometimes end in tragedy.

Car accidents: Server charged following horrific fatal crash

As most people likely know, restaurant and bar employees who overserve alcohol to a patron and/or serve to a minor can be held responsible if that person later becomes involved in a motor vehicle crash. Unfortunately, car accidents sometimes result from a server or bartender failing to serve alcohol responsibly. In a recent example, a server has been charged after she allegedly served alcohol to three teenagers at a Texas restaurant. The teens were killed later that night when their vehicle crashed into a tree.

Texas car accidents: Man killed in head-on crash in Houston

Sometimes, a person is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, most often in multi-vehicle accidents, one driver is responsible and other drivers involved are completely innocent. In a tragic example, a young man died on a Texas roadway when a wrong-way driver struck him head-on.

Street racing often leads to tragic car accidents

Most drivers are responsible people who closely adhere to the rules of the road, avoid drugs and alcohol before driving, wear seat belts, etc. Unfortunately, however, not every person who gets behind the wheel behaves this way, and car accidents can happen when drivers choose to act recklessly, essentially turning their vehicle into a dangerous weapon. Such was the case when a pair of street racers killed a Texas man when one of their cars collided with his vehicle.

Head-on car accidents often result in fatalities

Head-on collisions can happen for various reasons and are sometimes a result of circumstances out of the driver's control, such as a medical condition or mechanical failure. Other times, drivers who cause these types of car accidents were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time, or something inside the vehicle, such as a cell phone, caused a momentary distraction. Whatever the reason, wrong-way drivers often cause fatalities, and such was the case recently when two people died in a horrific collision on a Texas roadway.

Local intersection ranks among the least safe in the country

An intersection in Austin recently received notoriety after a not-for-profit group dubbed it the sixth most dangerous intersection in the country. According to the report, the interchange of Interstate 35 and William Cannon Drive experienced 25 separate car accidents between 2016 and 2018. In all, there were 80 accident victims at this intersection, although the report did not discuss either the causes of the accidents or how extensive the injuries were. Major intersections in other Texas cities also did not fare well on the report. For instance, Interstate 75 at Interstate 635 in Houston experienced 24 accidents with a total of 76 victims.

Police seeking driver after hit-and-run fatality

A previous post here discussed how the number of pedestrian fatalities continues to rise across the country, even in the face of a traffic fatality rate that is declining on the whole. It was a sad coincidence that, shortly after that post, a pedestrian from out of state lost his life after attending a popular automobile racing event in the Austin area.

There's good news and bad news in the latest fatality report

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced its final 2018 tally of both nationwide traffic fatalities overall, as well as numbers for certain segments. There was both good news and bad news in these latest statistics about traffic fatalities.

Texas has a high rate of daylight drunk driving accidents

According to a recent report, Texas's ongoing problem with motor vehicle accidents related to drunk driving are not just an issue for motorists traveling after dark. While the common perception of drunk driving is that it happens after an evening or afternoon of partying, this recent study suggested that almost 17% of all fatal car accidents in Texas that happened between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. were related to drunk driving.

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