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Motorcyclists have no seat belts, no airbags, no roof over their heads – none of the protections afforded the drivers of passenger vehicles. As a result, motorcyclists often suffer catastrophic injuries in a wreck. Head injuries are common. So are broken bones and spinal damage.

Serious injuries mean lengthy recovery times. You may endure a prolonged hospital stay, followed by rehabilitation care and physical therapy. During that time, your lost wages become an additional financial burden. Future expenses for your ongoing care also have to be calculated when placing a value on your claim. The effect the accident has had on your family is also important to consider.

At Roles Law, PC, we believe your first priority should be getting better. Let us handle the insurance company and your claim.

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Attorney Mark C. Roles has been representing the victims of motorcycle accidents since 2005. He understands that motorcycle riders often contend with a negative attitude from other people. You may be perceived as a risk-taker. You may have to fight the presumption that you are at fault for your own accident.

We know how to defeat that narrative in court. We know that motorcyclists face unique threats on the road. Many drivers do not even see them. Other drivers make foolish mistakes around motorcycles out of ignorance. Some drivers even treat motorcyclists with hostility and drive aggressively around them on purpose because they do not want to share the road.

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