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Product Liability

Dedicated Product Liability Attorney Helping Cedar Park Families

Almost all consumer goods, regardless of how innocuous they may appear, can result in serious injuries if used improperly. Sometimes, however, a manufactured product can be extremely dangerous even when used exactly as intended. This is especially true when products malfunction, are defective, or fail to display adequate safety warnings to protect those using them. If you or a member of your family has been injured by a product through no fault of your own, you may be able to file a product liability suit against those associated with it, including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and even advertisers.

Dangerous or Defective Products

At Roles Law, PC, we know how traumatic a sudden injury can be for a victim and their family. A dedicated product liability attorney can help you determine who is liable for a dangerous, malfunctioning or defective product. Contact us as soon as you have received medical attention for your product-related injury. We can help you hold manufacturers and other parties responsible for their negligence in civil court.

Providing Experienced Guidance in Product Liability Claims

Unfortunately for consumers – and fortunately for manufacturers – the laws in Texas concerning product liability are very complicated. Corporations’ attorneys and the claims examiners of insurance companies can be extremely adept at acting in bad faith and preventing victims and their families from getting the compensation they deserve in the wake of a disabling accident. It’s their job to find new ways to refuse, reduce and delay paying monetary damages. However, it’s our job to keep them from doing so by offering our clients exceptional representation at all phases of the product liability litigation process. This means not only taking the time to listen to our clients, but being there for them at any hour of the day to answer questions, discuss their case and offer advice.

Thorough Investigation & Representation

We know how stressful the period following a significant product-related injury can be, and we want to do everything possible to mitigate this stress so that you and your family can focus on recovery. When we take on a product liability case, we partner with medical professionals, engineers and other experts who can help you demonstrate to a jury how the product that harmed you has no business being retailed. The government is charged with keeping these dangerous products out of the hands of consumers. When corporations sneak harmful manufactured goods past government regulatory agencies for the sake of profit, it is always the consumer who pays the price. We think it’s only fair that those responsible for these kinds of injuries pay a price in return by granting victims and their families the maximum damages allowable under Texas state law.

Knowledgeable and Focused Representation for Texas Clients

Unlike a general practice attorney, Mark C. Roles is an experienced product liability attorney who knows state law backwards and forwards when it comes to injurious consumer goods. We can fight for your rights in civil court or during a settlement and ensure that you are treated fairly by those who would do otherwise.

Experience You Can Trust When The Future Seems Uncertain

Roles Law, PC has served residents throughout Round Rock, Cedar Park and central Texas for more than a decade. If you are suffering from an injury involving a defective product, call 512-219-0500 now to schedule your free consultation.