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Accidents involving semis, delivery trucks, dump trucks and other commercial vehicles are unlike any other type of accident on the road. They are usually more destructive than crashes involving passenger cars alone. Fatalities are common.

The claims are also often complex. There are many potential parties that could be liable for the accident. The driver could be at fault. The trucking company might be to blame. The company that maintains the truck or the company that provided its parts could be liable. Even the company that loaded the truck could be partially responsible. All of their insurance companies will start work immediately to fight any claims because they know that the payments will be substantial if they lose.

You do not want to try to represent yourself against the insurance companies. At Roles Law, PC, we understand there are a lot of questions that need answers before your case can be fairly decided. We do not rush our clients into quick settlements.

Count On Our Dedicated Team

Our team has been advocating for the victims of truck accidents for over a decade. You can rely on our lawyer to:

  • Identify each company that might be responsible for your injuries
  • Act quickly to preserve evidence that might otherwise be lost
  • Handle all the insurance adjusters and the necessary calls
  • Engage the expert testimony necessary to prove a company’s liability
  • Document your injuries in detail to show their severity
  • Negotiate aggressively for the maximum compensation you are due
  • Mount a forceful case in court if necessary

Experience You Can Trust When The Future Seems Uncertain

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