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Wrongful Death

Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer

Thinking about litigation in the midst of the grieving process may seem like an affront to decency, but the truth is that the sooner you initiate a suit against the responsible party – be it a driver, healthcare professional, product manufacturer, property owner and/or owner – the more likely your family is to receive just financial compensation for your unexpected loss.

So-called actual damages awarded in a wrongful death case may be used to cover the costs of funeral expenses, hospital bills and lost income related to the death, as well as help ease the transition into the new reality you are facing by addressing associated non-economic costs such as pain and suffering. What are legally referred to as exemplary damages may also be available to survivors if the act that caused the death was committed on purpose or through the defendant’s gross negligence.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Not anyone can file a wrongful death suit in the State of Texas. Only spouses, parents and children of the decedent may do so. Siblings are not allowed to pursue wrongful death litigation. Eligible plaintiffs only have two years from the date of a fatal accident to file a claim. In court, you will have to prove that the negligent act of the defendant was directly responsible for your loved one’s death. A seasoned wrongful death attorney can be instrumental in making sure that a jury understands the circumstances of your loss and acts accordingly by awarding you the maximum financial compensation you’re entitled to under Texas state law.

Providing Guidance in Difficult Times

We don’t have the power to undo the past, but we can help allow you to concentrate on the grieving process rather than concerning yourself with financial challenges that shouldn’t be your responsibility. We promise you we will leave no stone unturned in getting you your due financial compensation for your unnecessary loss. We’re ready to talk to you when you are.

Experience You Can Trust When The Future Seems Uncertain

If you have recently lost a loved one prematurely due to another’s negligence and/or misconduct, you should consider filing a wrongful death suit against them with the aid of Roles Law, PC, an Austin wrongful death attorney. Call 512-219-0500 now to schedule your free consultation.