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Austin seeing more hit-and-run crashes

Being in a motor vehicle accident is bad enough. There are things though that could make this terrifying experience even worse for a person. One is if the vehicle that hit him or her then speeds off.

Unfortunately, such incidents have been increasing in number here in Austin in recent years. There were 1,201 hit-and-run accidents reported in Austin in 2010. In 2017, the number of such crashes reported was 1,680. This is a 40 percent increase.

Yikes! Car crash got you injured, here’s what to do

Car crash injuries are the worst.

It was just another day. A morning drive to work. Driving down the street, then out of nowhere, a reckless driver crashes into you. They were speeding and rather than getting to work on time, now you both are stuck at the scene. You are injured and you are now thinking to yourself, “how long will this injury keep me out for? I don’t want to lose my wages on nursing this injury.”

Spouse Normally Not Entitled To Appreciation Of Separate Property House During Marriage

Sometimes the situation arises in a Texas divorce where a spouse purchased real estate prior to marriage (or, less commonly, purchased it during the marriage with separate funds or property). For example, suppose a home was purchased by A in 1999, the parties were married in 2002 and are getting divorced in 2017. Further suppose that the home was originally purchased for $200,000 but is now valued at $350,000. Is spouse B entitled to any portion of the $150,000 increase in the separate property house?

Guideline Child Support in Texas Divorce and Child Custody Litigation

In Texas divorce and child custody litigation, the phrase "guideline child support" gets thrown around quite a bit. What is guideline child support and how is it calculated? Is it possible that an obligor (i.e., the person legally obligated to pay child support) will have to pay more (or less) than guideline child support? This article explores and answers these questions.

Limited Scope Representation In Texas Divorce And Child Custody Litigation

Limited scope representation can offer a valuable alternative for clients going through Texas divorce or child custody litigation. In most circumstances a retainer of only a few hours of prepaid time is required, as opposed to a more substantial retainer. Limited scope representation permits clients to have more control over the tasks to be performed in their case and, hence, the amount of time and attorney's fees incurred. This article explains limited scope representation, including what it is and the advantages of this arrangement.

Texas House Bill 65--extending The Divorce Waiting Period To 180 Days In Some Cases

Under current Texas law, a divorce may not be granted by the Court until the 61st day after the petition for divorce has been filed. This 60 day waiting period can be waived under certain circumstances. Texas House Bill 65, currently being considered by the Legislature, would increase the waiting period to 180 days if a child is involved and the divorce is sought on insupportability grounds.

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