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What are some basic questions about car accident cases?

Austin sees a number of car accidents every year, so it is fortunate that the vast majority are only "fender benders." The fact is, there is a very real possibility that anyone involved in a car accident can suffer minor or even serious injuries. In the worst of these accidents, there is a fatality. When Texas residents are injured in car accidents, they may have legal options to explore. So, what are some basics questions about a personal injury claim that our readers should have answered?

Well, for starters, it is important to understand that a personal injury case can be complex. While many cases end in a settlement rather than a courtroom trial, there are still many steps along the way. Evidence needs to be gathered, the appropriate defendants need to be identified for the case and, after the lawsuit is filed, injured victims need to persuade the other side that it simply isn't worth the fight.

The right child custody arrangement for your family

Texas residents going through a divorce have quite a few issues to address to resolve the case, but perhaps none are as important as the main issues that involve children: child custody and child support. Each family is different, so, in many cases, different child custody arrangements may work better for one family over another. What is important is to get the right child custody arrangement for your family.

Doing so, however, is oftentimes easier said than done. For starters, the couple going through the divorce, in many cases, has built-up animosity that may make it difficult to negotiate an agreement on child custody out of court. In other cases, even though the couple may be amicable enough with one other, their opinions may differ so much that it could be difficult for them to reach a good arrangement.

Will you experience unexpected changes after a divorce?

Many Austin residents considering divorce do so only as a last resort. Typically, married couples experiencing troubling times will do their best to work through their issues. However, sometimes even the best efforts aren't enough to save a relationship. Life after a divorce can be a mystery to many people - they don't know what to expect, especially if they have been married for many years.

As a recent article noted, there are many different ways that a divorce can impact a person's life, some of which can be completely unexpected. For example, the article noted that studies have shown that divorce is somewhat "contagious," meaning that people who have friends who have gone through a divorce may be more likely to go through with a divorce themselves.

Steps to take in the immediate aftermath of a car accident

Hundreds of Texas residents are involved in car accidents each year. Many are simple fender-benders, while others are quite serious. When damage to property and injuries to drivers and passengers occur, the victims will want to be sure to take the right steps to protect their legal rights.

If the car accident wasn't your fault, you will want to take steps to establish fault on the part of the other driver. In most cases, this can be accomplished by the investigation that law enforcement officials conduct when they report to the scene of the accident. It is oftentimes quite easy to establish fault for an accident, such as in a rear-end collision. However, other accidents call for more significant analysis and may include differing version of the events leading up to the crash.

What’s the Texas Children’s Bill of Rights?

Even in divorce, most well-meaning parents put the needs of their kids first. However, when there is high conflict or animosity between parents, they can easily lose sight of what’s important and what might be in the best interest of their children.

In Texas, children have rights when their parents split. To protect them and help to maintain and preserve the parent-child relationship, Texas has created a Children’s Bill of Rights.

What do you need to know about property division and divorce?

Although there are many issues for couples in Texas to address when they are going through a divorce, perhaps no issue is as contentious as property division. After all, married couples can accumulate quite a bit in valuable assets over the course of a marriage, sometimes more than they realize. Pensions, retirement accounts, investment accounts, artwork - these are all assets that will likely be subject to the property division process. So, what do our readers need to know about property division and divorce?

Well, for starters, it is important to understand that not only will property be divided, but debt will be divided as well. It is quite common these days for many households to have debts for various reasons, including credit card debt, student loan debt and home and automobile loans. While a married couple going through a divorce will be dividing the assets, they will also need to address debts.

What factors will affect your divorce case?

No two divorce cases are the same. Each individual case will have its own set of facts, and a couple coming into the situation from various walks of life. There are a variety of assets at stake, and differences in relationships between parents and children. However, many divorce cases have the same types of issues that need to be addressed: child custody and support, property division and alimony, among others. What factors will affect these issues in divorce cases?

In many divorce cases in Texas, the couple is able to agree to the appropriate resolution of many of the issues in the case. Issues involving the children, for example, can be addressed appropriately if both parties agree to what is best for their children. Property division could be resolved out-of-court as well, if the couple is willing to think through their various assets and agree to a split that is fair.

Know your options when you have been injured in a car accident

Thousands of car accidents occur in America each year, with many occurring in Texas. We all know by now the danger of drunk drivers on the roads, as private and public campaigns to raise awareness about drunk driving have been active for decades. Unfortunately, there are still some drivers who take the chance of driving after consuming too much alcohol.

Our readers also know the danger of distracted drivers on the roads. As previous posts here have mentioned, distracted drivers are seemingly everywhere these days, thanks to smartphones and the constant distraction they cause for most people. There have even been some reports that statistics are showing an increase in the number of car accidents that are occurring throughout the country, and some experts are pinning the blame on distracted driving.

Semi-truck slams into school bus, leading to injuries

Many of our readers in Texas likely saw the horrific news recently about a motor vehicle collision involving a semi-truck and a school bus. It is the stuff of nightmares for any parent, and it is a miracle that there were no fatalities.

According to the reports, the collision occurred on October 24 during the morning commute. There were 19 children onboard the school bus at the time, as well as the school bus driver. The collision occurred at an intersection, and the reports indicate that there is surveillance video from the incident that may prove conclusive when it comes to determining which driver was at fault.

How to teach your child to become a safe driver

Most teens view getting their license as their first taste of freedom. Parents feel a little differently. Though you may be relieved to not have to drive your child everywhere, the nervousness you feel every time your child gets behind the wheel likely outweighs your sense of relief.

Texas has a graduated license system which helps teen get more driving experience before they are on their own. Even with restrictions on the number of passengers and the use of wireless devices, teens still lack the experience of other drivers. This makes them more likely to engage in dangerous behavior and put themselves at risk for accidents. As a parent, it is important to teach your teen how to behave safely while driving.

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