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Can you return to work after a TBI?

Sustaining a blow to your head could cause extensive injuries. You may not know right away how your everyday life will change because traumatic brain injuries take time to heal. In a best-case scenario, even minor head injuries can take you out of work for some time....

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What is nesting?

There are many difficult aspects of divorce, but figuring out how to move forward with parenting is one of the most challenging. You want to act in the best interests of the children, but you also need to consider your own post-divorce needs as well. In the majority...

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What is parallel parenting?

How to parent children after a divorce can become a difficult issue to solve. Much of your parenting plan boils down to how well you get along with your ex-spouse. If you have difficulties with communication or interacting amicably, you may need to consider parallel...

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How do doctors diagnose whiplash?

After a recent car accident, you have injuries to diagnose and treat. How do you know for sure whether to owe the ache in your neck to whiplash? Mayo Clinic breaks down several methods medical care professionals use to diagnose whiplash. Understand which injuries to...

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Is your spouse hiding assets?

When going through a difficult divorce, you may struggle to spread your attention thin. Unfortunately, a spouse may attempt to take advantage of this. This is especially true if you have high assets that can help obfuscate any attempts at hiding assets. However, there...

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Understanding the process of divorce in Texas

When you and your spouse separate, knowing what to expect may help ease some of the stress of divorce. In Texas, either person can file for divorce in the county where he or she has lived for at least 90 days after living in the state for six months or longer. Review...

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