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Traffic congestion and motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Traffic congestion is a common occurrence in busy cities and urban areas. In fact, vehicles often crawl bumper-to-bumper on crowded roads.

For motorcyclists, navigating through traffic can present unique challenges and risks that can lead to accidents if not approached with caution. Understanding the factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents in traffic congestion is vital for staying safe on the road.

Visibility and lane splitting

Reduced visibility is one of the main risks for motorcyclists in traffic congestion. With larger vehicles surrounding them, motorcycles can easily become hidden in blind spots or overlooked by drivers changing lanes or making turns. To mitigate this risk, motorcyclists should always ride defensively and use headlights and reflective gear to enhance visibility.

Lane splitting, the practice of riding between lanes of slow-moving or stopped traffic, is another common cause of motorcycle accidents in traffic congestion. While lane splitting is legal in some states, it can be dangerous if not done safely and responsibly. Motorcyclists should only lane split when traffic is moving at a very slow speed. They should maintain a safe speed and prepare to react quickly to sudden changes in traffic flow.

Debris and distractions

Uneven road surfaces and debris in congested traffic can also pose risks for motorcyclists. Potholes, road construction and debris can be harder to spot in heavy traffic. This increases the likelihood of accidents caused by hitting obstacles or losing control of the motorcycle. Motorcyclists should scan the road ahead, avoid sudden maneuvers and navigate around hazards to prevent accidents in congested traffic. Unfortunately, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that more than 2,400 motorcyclists suffered serious injuries during 2022.

With the prevalence of smartphones and other distractions behind the wheel, drivers may not be fully focused on the road, increasing the risk of collisions with motorcyclists. Motorcyclists should be extra vigilant and maintain a safe following distance to avoid accidents caused by driver inattention. By taking proactive measures to stay safe, motorcyclists can navigate through traffic congestion more effectively and reduce the risk of accidents.


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