Skilled Divorce And Personal Injury

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How can you manage burn pain?

If you suffered a burn injury, you may have to undergo extensive treatment and management for the pain. Burns can happen for various reasons, including hot objects, electricity, friction, radiation and chemicals. Many people suffer injuries after motor vehicle...

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Can you return to work after a TBI?

Sustaining a blow to your head could cause extensive injuries. You may not know right away how your everyday life will change because traumatic brain injuries take time to heal. In a best-case scenario, even minor head injuries can take you out of work for some time....

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What are signs of a TBI?

A hit to the head may leave you with more than just a bump and bruise to deal with later. If you take a hard enough hit, you risk suffering from brain injury. In particular, traumatic brain injury has the highest chance of causing you long-term damage.  It is thus...

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Understanding the impact of falls

Whether you fall off of a ladder while working or you slip on a slick surface while walking in a business, the consequences of a fall can turn your life upside down in many ways. Falls affect many facets of victims' lives, causing physical limitations, pain, financial...

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