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September 2019 Archives

Is your ex unfit for child custody? How to prove it in court

As one of many Texas parents who filed for divorce this year, you can likely relate to those who say they worry about their children's well-being when it comes to custody issues. If you and your ex have a solid co-parenting plan and a strong support network, you might feel confident that your kids will bounce back quickly and be able to move on in life without lasting repercussions.

Truck accidents are complicated affairs

Being involved in an accident with another car is never something an Austin resident wants to experience. Too often, motor vehicle accidents of any type leave a person with significant injuries that require time off work and expensive medical treatment. Moreover, recovering from the trauma of an accident can be a struggle, particularly in the worst-case scenario in which a loved one dies because of the collision.

Running red lights often hurts innocent parties

Although they know in theory that the practice is illegal, many drivers in the Austin area may be tempted to try and beat a light just as it is turning red. They may think that there is little harm in this practice since cross-traffic does not start traveling through an intersection immediately or because they do not see anyone coming. While some people who think this way may just get lucky and have nothing happen, the reality is that when drivers choose to run red lights, other people are the ones who get hurt.

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