We Have Helped Hundreds of Clients

Let Us Guide You Through The Changes To Your Family

As we all know, divorce happens. Child custody and other family law situations can erupt with little or no warning. At Roles Law, PC, we have been helping families in the Greater Austin, Texas, area resolve their family law problems for nearly 2 decades. Our focus is upon you and protecting your best interests, whether that means advocating for your property rights in a divorce or preserving or strengthening your relationship with your children.

We Can Assist With The Following Issues

We have already helped hundreds and hundreds of clients with all manner of family law problems, including:

  • Divorce — We can help you navigate the challenges of divorce and build the future you want for yourself.
  • Uncontested divorce – When you simply need aid finalizing your decision to end a marriage, we can ensure the path forward is clean and clear.
  • Child custody – When you are fighting to maintain that precious connection with your children, we will be right beside you.
  • Child support – We understand that an equitable child support agreement is important to your financial stability, whether you expect to pay or receive.
  • Alimony and maintenance – When it becomes necessary for one party to receive financial support to rebuild after a divorce, we know how to ensure a fair payment.
  • Property division – A divorce can have a major impact on your finances. We know how to defend and protect your property rights.
  • Modifications – Changing circumstances can make it necessary to revise old agreements or orders.
  • Enforcements – When one party fails to comply with court orders, for example concerning support or custody, we can help you enforce the terms of the order.
  • Relocations – Whether you are trying to relocate with your child or need to challenge a relocation request, we know how to protect your rights.

We know this is a confusing time. We are here to guide you and, if necessary, fight for your interests in court. We understand you have a problem. Let us help you find a solution.

Contact a lawyer at Roles Law, PC, online or call our office at 512-838-3053 when you need someone to help preserve the stability of your family. We offer free initial consultations.