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The slow change that leads to divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Divorce |

It is hard for most divorcing couples to identify an exact moment when things changed in their marriages. These days, there is usually no major watershed event. 

Instead, people often take a long time to realize that they are ready to take the next step. A series of small, personal changes results in a partnership that is insupportable in its current form. 

What divorce really is 

Divorce is basically the process of reaching an agreement. This surprises many people. 

Many of our clients think divorce is a battle when they first come to our office. That is a totally natural perception. However, it is basically flawed. 

People tend to view divorce as the opposite of marriage — and they tend to view a marriage as a harmonious union. However, legally speaking, divorce agreements and marriage contracts are similar in many ways. 

Divorce and marriage both redefine the legal relationship between two people. They both have lasting implications for extended family members. They both often deal with rights and obligations regarding children and assets. 

How people prepare 

We fight for the best interest of our clients. Our goal is to secure their futures through creating favorable agreements. The more information we prepare, the more power we have to do this. 

There are many factors that could influence what type of preparations you need to make and what type of information you should collect. Here are some common examples that would each require very different strategies: 

  • You are considering divorce, but have not discussed it with your spouse. 
  • You suspect that your spouse is mismanaging your finances, but you do not have control. 
  • You had a serious injury or economic loss and suspect your spouse might be considering divorce. 
  • You and your spouse have had serious, lasting disagreements about childcare. 

Why people get divorced

These days, people are less likely to use the fault-based grounds for divorce in Texas. Instead, disagreements and breaches of trust build up to the point where differences become irreconcilable. We find that understanding this history is a key factor in creating the most effective possible divorce case on behalf of our clients. 


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