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How do custody orders differ for parents who live close and those who live far away?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Child Custody |

In most custody cases, the parents live close to each other. However, you may have a situation where you live in a different state or far enough away that normal parenting time arrangements are not feasible.

According to the Texas Attorney General, the law has different suggestions for custody arrangements depending on the living situation of the parents.

General arrangements

In most situations where you and the other parent live a reasonable distance from each other where it is not too far to drive on a regular basis, the court will follow general custody guidelines. These include weekend visits on the first, third and fifth weekends each month, evening visitation on Thursdays and every other holiday. You would also get 30 days of visitation during the summer months when your children are not in school.

Alternative arrangements

If you and the other parent live too far that driving regularly is not possible, which the law designates as 100 miles or more, then the court will follow alternative guidelines when assigning parenting time. The alternative schedule includes varying weekend options, such as one weekend per month or the same schedule as under the general guidelines. It largely depends on just how far apart you live.

You will have the same holiday schedule, but you will get more visitation time when your kids are out of school. You can expect to have them on spring break and for at least 42 days in the summer.

You should keep in mind that these are guidelines the court will follow. You can always reach an agreement on your own with the other parent for your parenting time schedule.


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