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Reviewing different examples of nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Injuries |

If you live in a nursing home, or you have a loved one who resides in one of these facilities, you need to understand the prevalence of abuse and negligence and recognize various forms of mistreatment. Sadly, victims of nursing home abuse sometimes suffer in silence.

In fact, nursing home abuse occurs in many different ways and some victims do not realize when rights violations occur.

Physical, sexual and emotional abuse in nursing homes

On their website, the National Institute on Aging covers various examples of abuse in nursing homes. Sometimes, victims suffer serious injuries as a result of physical abuse, such as broken bones, lacerations and brain trauma due to pushing, shoving or hitting.

Sometimes, victims are sexually abused. In some instances, sexual abuse results in visible damage to one’s body, while in other instances it does not leave any physical signs. Moreover, some nursing home residents suffer due to emotional trauma, such as threats and repeated harassment.

Other examples of abuse in nursing homes

There are many other ways in which victims of nursing home abuse suffer. Sometimes, abuse is financial in nature, whether someone accesses a resident’s financial accounts unlawfully or steals money from their wallet or purse. Abandonment and neglecting to provide an elderly resident with the care they need can also cause serious physical and emotional hardships for victims.

If you suspect that your loved one is dealing with nursing home abuse, or if you have experienced abuse firsthand, you need to hold the offender(s) accountable for their actions and review your options right away.


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