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How can you encourage a relationship between your child and the non-custodial parent?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Child Custody |

For children of divorced couples, their best interests generally include meaningful and frequent contact with both parents. When both parents can uphold their stability, kids thrive more than those who may have difficulties maintaining a relationship with their children.

As one half of a co-parenting unit, your responsibility is to your kids. Psychology Today stresses the importance of fostering relationships between your children and their noncustodial parent.

Do not speak badly of your ex

Even if you disapprove of your ex’s actions, your children do not need to know your opinion. When kids hear negative talk about their parents, they can internalize it or feel isolated. In a worst-case scenario, it can contribute to parental alienation, where they begin to seclude themselves away from their noncustodial parent. If courts determine that parental alienation occurs, they could change their decision on custody matters.

Stay on top of the visitation schedule

Even if your ex struggles to remember visitation, try to keep up with it yourself. Keep a strict calendar that includes all visitation days and stick to it. When you continue to show up to exchange kids and to ensure that your kids have plenty of time with the non-custodial parent, you show that you have the willingness to follow your kids’ best interests. Not only does this help you obtain the court’s satisfaction, but it keeps your kids in contact with their non-custodial parent and shows them you approve of an ongoing relationship.

Subtle acts of acceptance can make it easier for your children to adjust to the new arrangement.


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