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Signs of an impending divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Divorce |

Usually, divorce does not come as a surprise. However, if you are in your first marriage, you may not recognize the signs of a failing marriage.

According to World Population Review, Texas has a divorce rate of 11 percent, and the number increases for younger couples. Do not let divorce sneak up on you and leave you unprepared.

Refusing to talk

Relationships go through difficult times, but if your partner does not talk to you, it may signify that they already want a divorce. Usually, if a spouse refuses to talk about an issue, they no longer want to fix the problem.

Losing respect for each other

Every couple argues occasionally, and sometimes people say hurtful things to each other. But if you or your spouse consistently try to say hurtful things, your marriage is not in a good place. Some marriages have more arguments than others, but a divorce might be the next step if you cannot maintain respect for each other during heated discussions.

Secretive or guilty behavior

Even if you do not openly argue with each other, couples that feel defensive or hide their activities are not healthy either. Constant fighting is bad for a marriage, but more subtle feelings of resentment or confinement might lead to just as many divorces.

Avoiding couples therapy

Finally, counseling may seem like admitting to a failed marriage but refusing to attend couples therapy is worse for your relationship. If you or your spouse do not want outside help, you may not be able to save the marriage.

The healthiest relationships still have their problems. Still, be aware of the signs and do not let a divorce catch you off guard.


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