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3 Texas state laws regarding aggressive dogs

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Injuries |

Many Texas residents think of aggressive dogs as large and uncontrollable; however, almost any breed has the capacity to attack and cause bodily injury.

The City of San Antonio reports that any owner of a dog involved in an attack in the state may face criminal and civil charges, and those involved may want to remain aware of a few other Texas laws regarding a dog attack.

1. Aggressive dogs require designations

Texas defines aggressive dogs by three levels. Level 1 dogs act aggressively while in an enclosure or gated yard and may chase or attack other pets if left unrestrained. Level 2 animals cause harm or serious injury to domestic animals, while Level 3 dogs cause death to livestock or pets. Repeat Level 2 offenders may receive Level 3 classification after the second offense.

2. Dangerous dogs require proper identification at all times

Once a dog receives any of the aforementioned designations, its owner must follow Texas state law by fitting the animal with a collar and tags that identify it, even when in its enclosure or yard. This allows individuals and law enforcement to recognize the animal as aggressive.

3. Owners must spay and chip their dog

No matter an animal’s aggressive threat level, owners must spay or neuter their animal and have a microchip implanted that identifies not only the animal but the name and address of the owner.

Aggressive dog owners must also post signage on their property that alerts others to the animal’s presence and purchase a $10,000 liability insurance policy as long as they own the animal.


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