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Losing your passport due to child support arrears

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Divorce |

If you have to pay child support each month, or anticipate these obligations soon because of your marriage coming to an end, it is pivotal to understand the importance of staying current. In fact, if you do not pay support on time, you could lose your passport (in addition to many other harsh penalties, such as tax refund interception, driver’s license suspension and time in jail).

Whether you currently owe back support or have concerns about falling behind, it is essential to review strategies to protect your passport privileges and understand how this situation could impact your ability to travel.

The loss of passport privileges because of child support

The Office of Child Support Services covers passport denial and revocation due to back child support. If you owe more than $2,500 in unpaid child support, the state sends your name to the federal government, preventing you from successfully applying for a U.S. passport. In order to have your passport application approved, you need to make payment arrangements with the state.

Unpaid child support and passport revocation

It is important to understand that in addition to affecting your passport application, back child support could also threaten your current passport. For example, if you need to add pages to your passport, change your name or update your picture, it could become revoked when you give it to an embassy representative.

From making a payment plan to modifying your child support order because of financial changes, it is pivotal to review your options in order to safeguard your passport privileges.


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