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We understand the emotional toll a divorce can take on Texas families. We have helped hundreds of clients through their toughest times. We also assist divorcing couples who have agreed on all major issues of their divorce-i.e. an uncontested divorce.

The Experience You Need to Work Through Complications

Because every couple’s relationship and particular situation is unique, attorney Mark C. Roles uses his experience representing a wide variety of clients to your advantage. He listens to the factors driving your divorce, learns about your relationships with other family members, investigates the extent of the community property and debts involved, and tailors his tactics and strategy accordingly.

Mark Roles has a thorough understanding of all ancillary issues related to divorce and offers valuable advice on how to best proceed with life after your divorce.

Whether you and your spouse are in agreement on all issues or have issues regarding your divorce, we are here to assist you in bringing your case to a timely resolution-and to aggressively fight for your rights in the process.

Compassion & Resolve

When a divorce looms on the horizon, the best way for either spouse to protect their rights is to partner with an experienced Texas divorce attorney. Marriage is not only an emotional commitment but a financial one as well. Each spouse has the legal obligation to provide for the other, and this commitment does not end simply because a marriage is dissolved. The degree of fairness reflected in a final divorce settlement is largely dependent on each spouse giving a realistic account of their financial situation in court. If one person is negligent or purposely deceptive in doing so, the outcome can be unjustly biased in their favor. Additionally, a divorce settlement becomes significantly more complicated when children are involved. Issues of child support and child custody can significantly complicate divorce proceedings and cause undue stress for the children concerned. Let us help you resolve these important issues and obtain a settlement that is representative of what is in the best interest of you and your children.

Factors in Divorce Settlements

There are numerous variables involved when it comes to how a judge will rule in a divorce settlement. The length of time the couple has been together, the age of any minor children involved, the amount of time each parent currently spends with their children and the respective incomes of each spouse are all factors that a judge might consider in a divorce. We know how difficult it can be to make sure that the facts of a marriage are accurately represented in court. That’s why we make it our job to help our clients hold their spouses accountable and keep them acting in good faith for the duration of the divorce proceeding.

Agreed or Uncontested Divorces

If you and your spouse have already come to an agreement (or anticipate that an agreement will be reached) on all terms of your divorce, give us a call and ask about our flat fee pricing for agreed upon or uncontested divorces. Flat fee pricing allows a divorcing spouse to obtain experienced legal counsel at an affordable, predictable price. Don’t fall for the free internet forms or “divorce in a box” trap: why would you trust the resolution of such an important, life-changing event to anything other than an experienced divorce attorney?

Typical fees range from only $1,500 to $2,500, plus expenses (such as filing fees). For example, the simplest divorces (no children, simple property division) will cost $1,500 (plus expenses), while a typical divorce with children and property will cost $2,500 (plus expenses). Most agreed upon divorces can be handled from start to finish for one of these two flat fees. Once we learn the specifics about your particular case, we can better determine the flat fee pricing applicable to your case.

Divorce is Complicated – Work With a Lawyer Who Understands

It’s also important for divorcing spouses to understand that Texas family law is very complicated. Navigating the labyrinth of divorce law is trying under even the best of circumstances, but when the welfare of children or other loved ones is involved, it can become a legal nightmare. We insist on understanding our clients’ needs clearly so that we can put ourselves in their shoes when it comes to seeking a fair divorce settlement. Let a compassionate divorce lawyer evaluate your situation and help steer you down the road to a brighter future. At Roles Law, PC, we’ll be with you as long as you need us.

“He has been the most patient and understanding person I could have ever met and/or hired. My divorce has been dragged out and dirty now for three years. He has decided to continue helping me with resolving ALL of our frustrating issues when in reality it should have been over a few years ago. I don’t know many if at all attorneys willing to go these lengths for their clients. I cant thank him enough for being so loyal and understanding. I am proud to say that Marc Roles is My Attorney.”
-Past Client

Experience You Can Trust When The Future Seems Uncertain

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