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Invest In Your Future. Let Us Protect Your Assets During Divorce.

You have worked hard to create some security in your life. You have a lot invested in your home and your retirement. A divorce does not have to undo everything you have struggled to build.

You deserve a fair share of the marital assets. You need them. They can make the transition back to life on your own much easier. They can make it possible to set up a new household and find a secure footing in your new life.

At Roles Law, PC, we offer solution-oriented approaches to our clients. We help you negotiate with your spouse for an amicable division of those assets. If negotiations fail, attorney Mark C. Roles has the litigation experience you need to protect your interests in court.

Understand Marital Asset Division In Texas

It is important to understand the concept of “community property.” Everything that is acquired after the start of a marriage, with some exceptions, belongs equally to both parties. It does not matter whose name the property is in or whose paycheck was used to acquire the property.

However, equal entitlement does not always mean everything gets split exactly in half when the marriage ends. It is important to think about possible solutions to property division that will allow everyone to move forward as smoothly as possible.

Work With A Lawyer Who Will Safeguard Your Interests

When there is conflict surrounding the division of your marital property, you deserve representation with a record of success. Roles Law, PC, has been aggressively pursuing our clients’ interests since 2005. Our reputation as serious litigants lets other lawyers know we mean business. We help people in Austin and throughout Central Texas.

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