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Compassionate, Honest Advice When Custodial Parents Want To Relocate

When a parent wants to relocate with a child, the situation can become highly contentious. When parents cannot agree on the issue of relocation, the court may be asked to intervene.

No matter what side of the situation you are on, you need a lawyer to evaluate the facts and give you an unbiased, realistic opinion about the way the court will look at the issue. Roles Law, PC, has been guiding parents through complex family problems since 2005.

Do You Want To Relocate With Your Child?

There are many good reasons to make a move. Maybe you or your new spouse has a better job waiting for you elsewhere. Maybe you want your child to experience the benefits of having extended family around.

Geographic restrictions upon where a child can reside are commonly contained in divorce and child custody orders. If you are trying to decide whether to relocate with the child, it is very important to get good advice. We can assess your situation and help you understand what options you may have.

Do You Want To Stop A Relocation Request?

If your child’s other parent intends to relocate with your child in tow, you may need to act quickly to protect your child from the detrimental effects of the move and preserve your rights as a parent.

A delay could weaken your case. We can take aggressive action on your behalf.

We Can Help You Cope With A Relocation Dispute

If you hope to move out of the area with your child or you need to oppose a relocation request, let an attorney who has helped hundreds of other parents help you. Contact Roles Law, PC, online or call our office at 512-838-3053 for an appointment. The initial consultation is free.