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Divorce decrees and other orders signed by Texas judges would mean little if there were no legal mechanism available to enforce them. While not every order can be subject to an enforcement action, the two most common examples are failure to pay child support and failure to abide by visitation orders pertaining to the children.

In some instances, the previous order can even be enforced via contempt of court, which can be a criminal offense. We have experience successfully enforcing a variety of orders and work diligently to ensure the violating party is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Let an Experienced Family Lawyer Help You

If a former spouse or partner is refusing to act in good faith and honor the terms of an existing divorce settlement, child support order, child custody order and/or visitation order, you can persuade them to comply with their legal obligations by retaining a dedicated Texas enforcement attorney as soon as possible. Conversely, if you believe that the terms of an order to which you are subject are unfair or misrepresent your true financial circumstances, we can aid you in setting the record straight.

Filing an Enforcement Action

When another parent or ex-spouse is not following the terms of a legitimate court order, you will likely be required to file what is known as an enforcement action. Most enforcement actions relate to issues of child support and involve one parent not meeting their legal financial obligations to their children. The non-compliant parent may only pay a portion of the amount established in the order, or else pay none at all. Family law courts in the State of Texas have numerous ways to ensure that an irresponsible parent follow the terms of an established child support order, including wage garnishments and seizure of state income tax refunds. We can help you get the money you are due in a timely, hassle-free fashion.

If You Are Unable to Meet the Terms of an Order

It is not unusual for a parent to be unable to meet the terms of an order because of an illness, an injury or unexpected unemployment. If this applies to your situation, it is important that you speak to us as soon as possible in order to avoid the consequences associated with non-compliance, which may include jail time if a judge so decides. If you are absolutely unable to meet the terms of an order, you may be able to submit a defense to the court. We can help you understand your rights if you are the target of an enforcement order and advise you how to best resolve the situation.

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