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An agreed or uncontested divorce is the quickest, most cost-effective method possible to end a marriage. When you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your split, you – not a judge — control the outcome of your case.

Avoiding a slow, expensive divorce is possible. If you and your spouse have already come to an agreement (or anticipate that an agreement will be reached) on all terms of your divorce, give us a call and ask about our flat fee pricing for agreed upon or uncontested divorces. Flat fee pricing allows a divorcing spouse to obtain experienced legal counsel at an affordable, predictable price. Don’t fall for the free Internet forms or “divorce in a box” trap: why would you trust the resolution of such an important, life-changing event to anything other than an experienced divorce attorney?

Typical fees range from only $1,500 to $2,500, plus expenses (such as filing fees). For example, the simplest divorces (no children, simple property division) will cost $1,500 (plus expenses), while a typical divorce with children and property will cost $2,500 (plus expenses). Most agreed upon divorces can be handled from start to finish for one of these two flat fees. Once we learn the specifics about your particular case, we can better determine the flat fee pricing applicable to your case.

Solid, Practical Advice When You Need It The Most

Making the decision to divorce can be painful. Whether you have already discussed the idea with your spouse or are just considering it on your own, you should have concrete information and advice from an attorney as soon as possible to protect your family.

We know that divorce is about the future, not the past. We can help you craft a plan that meets your specific needs. There are a lot of things to consider, including how your assets will be divided. If you have children, you may be concerned about how child support works. Making sure that you can retain that precious connection with your children through a fair custody and visitation agreement is also important.

Let Us Help You Find A Better Tomorrow

We have been helping clients through the dark days of their divorces since 2005. Even if you and your spouse have found a compromise, it is wise to have a lawyer review your agreement for fairness and validity. Contact Roles Law, PC, online or call our office at 512-838-3053 for compassionate representation. Serving clients throughout Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area. Initial consultations are free.