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Texas law recognizes that the circumstances of you and/or your family may change significantly following a divorce. For example, a person ordered to pay child support may lose their job or experience a substantial increase in their income, or the provisions pertaining to the conservatorship, custody or possession of the children may prove unworkable. In these and other types of situations, you may wish to file a suit to modify a previous order of the court. Attorney Mark C. Roles has experience handling a number of successful modification actions, including the defense of modification suits. He has the knowledge and ability necessary to assist you in these situations.

Work With an Experienced Texas Attorney When Circumstances Change

When circumstances change, existing child support and/or child custody orders may need to be changed as well. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. If you are seeking to alter an established child support or child custody order, your best bet for doing so is to partner with a knowledgeable Texas modifications attorney as soon as possible. Attempts to address this situation without having an experienced attorney at one’s side can backfire due to the complexity of the state rules and regulations involved. We understand that incomes, living situations and other variables can change in the blink of an eye. That’s why we move swiftly on behalf of our clients to ensure that any existing orders are modified to reflect these new realities.

Modifications to Child Support

If you are seeking to make alterations to an existing child support order, it is important to understand that legally you can do so only every two years. This means that if either you or your children’s other parent has had a major change in their employment or level of income, time is of the essence when it comes to making sure these changes are reflected in a modification of child support. We can help ensure that any modifications are addressed within the applicable time frame(s) and accurately represent the new financial circumstances of both parents.

Modifications to Child Custody and Visitation

On the other hand, modifications in orders for child custody or visitation rights are possible once a year. If there are emergency circumstances involved – such as when another parent is suspected of child abuse or neglect – you can make changes to existing orders independently of this time frame. Let us help you understand your rights when it comes to making emergency changes to established child custody or visitation orders. We guarantee our clients exceptional representation at all stages of the legal process related to child support, custody and/or visitation modifications. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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