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Yikes! Car crash got you injured, here’s what to do

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Car crash injuries are the worst.

It was just another day. A morning drive to work. Driving down the street, then out of nowhere, a reckless driver crashes into you. They were speeding and rather than getting to work on time, now you both are stuck at the scene. You are injured and you are now thinking to yourself, “how long will this injury keep me out for? I don’t want to lose my wages on nursing this injury.”

This is an understandably frustrating situation. Document as much as you can from the scene. Find witnesses and get their contact information. Be sure to get the information from the other driver as well. These steps should be done immediately after the scene. This can all help reveal where negligence for this incident lies. Essentially, getting as much information as possible can help prove your case.

Not only was your vehicle damaged, you got hurt. It is a tedious process. Now that you are in the situation, it is only right for you to seek compensation for your troubles. If your injury is preventing you from going to work, you can fight for compensation over your lost wages. You also have the option to fight for compensation over your medical bills caused by the crash.

Living in Texas means, by law, the driver at fault is responsible for paying for the car incident. Typically, the “at fault” driver’s insurance company covers this. How much is covered depends on what kind of coverage they have. Nonetheless, in your situation your car, personal injury and the wages you lost may be covered. The insurance companies will determine fault first – before providing benefits. Unfortunately, the insurance companies care more about keeping as much money in their pockets. It is important to protect your own rights when taking on the insurance companies to get the full compensation you deserve.


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