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What are ways to cope with stress from your divorce?

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Divorce can be a very emotional time. Feeling all these emotions can quickly become stressful. Below are ways you can cope with the stress of your divorce.

Watching your diet

Food has a major impact on your emotional wellbeing. One study found that people eating a diet of whole foods were less depressed than people eating a diet of refined and fried food.

Feeling stressed from your divorce could result in your losing some weight. The stress of your situation might see you turn to drinking to cope. There are also people who are emotional eaters. Regular binge eating is an unhealthy way of dealing with emotions. Paying attention to what you’re eating is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.

Getting regular exercise

Exercise provides numerous benefits to you as you transition out of your marriage. Exercise releases endorphins, which creates happy feelings. It also releases serotonin, which helps you be calmer.

Gyms may be expensive during this financially difficult time. The good news is all you need are sneakers and you can head out for a run.

Let yourself feel all of your feelings

You may be especially sensitive going through your divorce. Instead of unloading on your spouse, finding someone to talk to like a therapist or close friend could help you get your feelings out in a safe space.

It’s common that people suppress their feelings because it’s too much for them sometimes. Taking time to feel your feelings could be very beneficial for you towards moving forward.

Time for letting go

The healing process is moving in the right direction when you take responsibility for your role in the marriage. This is a time to let go of negativity and feel grateful for the good things in your life.

The stress that divorce causes can lead to unhealthy behaviors and destructive decisions. Eating poorly or drinking too often are common but unfortunate decisions made by people like you in this situation. Focusing on healing and being patient with yourself can help you move in a positive direction with your divorce.


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