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Common financial mistakes to avoid in the divorce process

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Though divorce is a common event in our modern world, many people worry about facing stigma as a divorced person. They feel as though they failed at their marriage. In reality, there are many reasons that people divorce, and it can happen to anyone.

However, because of their fear of judgment, people here in Texas may struggle to talk about their divorce. This self-isolation can lead people to make poor choices about their future, especially in regard to finances. If you think this applies to you, experts have several tips to help you make decisions for your finances.

Think practically

The best thing you can do for yourself is gain knowledge. If your spouse generally handled your family finances, be sure you have a complete picture for yourself. This includes thinking about possible future needs. You may want to think about end-of-life care or your medical insurance needs. If you think your children may want to attend college, consider those possible expenses, too.

Some people, regrettably, fail to think about certain assets that you and your spouse might share. Retirement accounts may be divided between the two spouses and might be difficult to replenish. Similarly, people frequently forget about life insurance policies and may mistakenly leave their ex-spouse as the beneficiary on the account, even if that doesn’t line up with their actual wishes.

Think of possible emotional traps

Another problem people encounter during the divorce process is reacting due to emotions. Doing so often causes people to make choices too fast without carefully considering possible future consequences. Experts say that staying calm, cool and collected is ideal. People also attach certain emotional value to assets without thinking about whether that asset will benefit them. For example, people may fight to keep the family home even if they do not have the income to support the upkeep.

The best thing anyone can do during the divorce process is to involve trusted professionals. A financial advisor can point out aspects you may not have thought about. An attorney is also a good person to have in your corner. He or she can guide you through potential legal landmines.


No matter what, you have to put yourself, and your kids if you have any, first. Divorce can be a difficult process even when you and your spouse are on good terms. It is important that you consider your entire financial picture as you make plans for your bright new future.


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