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Much like there are many emotions at the start of a marriage, there are a wide range of emotions to navigate throughout the end of a marriage. While no one gets married with the intention to get divorced, the unfortunate reality is that the divorce rate still remains around 50 percent. Thus, those intending to get married and those currently married need to consider the possibility of divorce in their future. With this consideration, many partners will take the steps to develop a prenuptial agreement. While this document can be very beneficial in the event of the divorce, it is important to understand that this marital agreement does not address all divorce issues.

While a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement could help address some major divorce issues, the legal team at Roles Law, PC, understand that these marital documents do not address all divorce issues. Additionally, divorcing couples in Texas may have reason to challenge these documents, giving rise to many additional decisions that require attention.

At our law firm, our goal is to give our clients peace of mind while going through an emotional and difficult time. Whether one is challenging a marital agreement or requires assistance resolving specific divorce issues, our law firm focuses on the specific needs of our clients. Our legal team takes the time to assess the needs and wishes of our clients, determining what steps may be necessary to take to resolve any divorce or family law matter. For some, this could be all over through negotiations and a settlement. However, others may require additional steps, such as mediation and litigation.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s divorce website. Navigating a divorce can be challenging. This is especially true in high conflict dissolutions. When emotions run high and there are many disagreements when it comes to major divorce issues, it can feel like it is impossible to reach a resolution. This is where a legal professional can step in, providing guidance about a spouse’s rights and options when it comes to reaching a divorce settlement.


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