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Austin among the cities with a high rate of motorcycle accidents

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Motorcycles are a part of the landscape throughout Texas. People enjoy taking to the open road on their bikes. Still, there are natural dangers for riders including drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks who do not pay attention to their surroundings, drive recklessly, are distracted and under the influence. Bikers are vulnerable to serious injury and death if they are hit – more so than those protected by being in a vehicle. Recently, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) listed the cities with the highest rate of motorcycle crashes and Austin was among them.

The common causes of motorcycle accidents

Riders were keenly aware of the dangers they face on the road before the report, but this information emphasized what drivers need to be cognizant of when they are sharing the road with a motorcycle. The most frequently cited issue is distraction. Although cellphones are generally associated with distracted driving, it goes beyond that to eating, changing the radio station and even putting on makeup. Bikers are often hurt or lose their lives when a vehicle turns into their path. This is attributed to vision issues as drivers might not see a motorcycle before it is too late. In 2019, there were 412 motorcycle fatalities in the state. This is an ongoing problem and should be addressed.

Long-term injuries and death can come from motorcycle accidents

Most riders will follow the rules of the road, are predictable and adhere to proper safety procedures. Even if they do, when they are hit by a car, they are prone to brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, cuts and lost limbs. The injuries can be so significant that the person loses his or her life. Medical expenses, the inability to work, long-term problems stemming from the accident and other challenges can make it difficult to function each day. Those who have lost a loved one will need to think about a future without their family member. While a legal filing will not turn back the clock to avoid the accident, it may help to deal with the costs that arise.

Legal help can be crucial for a lawsuit

Seeking compensation after a motorcycle accident may be necessary to cover for all that was lost. Motorcyclists who were hurt or families who are dealing with an untimely death should think about their options to recover compensation. Consulting with a firm that is experienced in personal injury cases in general and specifically motorcycle accidents may be able to help with a case.


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