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Common mistakes that could jeopardize your custody case

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Child Custody |

Custody cases can easily become contentious, and the stress often leads parents to make decisions that could negatively impact their case.

As you navigate the custody process, avoid these common mistakes that could keep you from getting the arrangement you seek.

Violating the existing parenting plan

When considering a modification to a custody agreement, courts will look at both parents’ compliance with an existing parenting plan. A history of violating the arrangement will reflect badly on the offending parent.

Using social media inappropriately

Sharing your life on social media is likely a regular part of your day. However, the content you share could affect the outcome of your custody case. You should carefully consider whether your posts depict you in a negative light and avoid speaking badly about your child’s other parent online.

Failing to put the child’s needs first

Like most parents, you want as much time as possible with your child. However, you should carefully consider his or her preferences. Putting your own desires first could show that you do not fully understand your child’s needs.

Talking negatively about the other parent

No matter how upset you are with your former partner, you should never vent your frustrations in front of your child. Your child should have a good relationship with both parents if possible, and courts will look down upon actions that could jeopardize those relationships.

Under the stress and pressure of a custody case, it is easy to make mistakes. However, if you put your child’s best interest first, you can avoid most missteps.


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