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Can you ease tension during custody exchanges?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Child Custody |

Exchanging your children when you share custody with your ex in Texas may not always be the most pleasant experience. However, consistent tension can increase your children’s anxiety and make the whole situation quite dreadful if you do not make an effort to act civilly.

Implementing some guidelines and creating healthy boundaries can help you maintain control during a usually uncomfortable situation.

Refine your communication

Communicating with your ex often requires humility and self-control. Chances are, you ended your marriage because of an irreconcilable difference about something. Knowing that you need to continue communicating with your ex when you have a difficult time seeing past your differences can seem daunting. However, establishing expectations and boundaries early on may ease the strain of custody exchanges.

One thing you can consider is to arrange exchanges in a public place. Knowing there are other people present may discourage any unpleasant behavior. Another suggestion is to try to see your ex as a responsible parent. Try to separate your marriage from his or her role as a parent. This perception may allow you to extend compassion, flexibility and respect even if you still harbor bitterness over aspects of your former relationship.

Drop the competition

Sharing custody may feel like a competition at times. Especially if you hear from your children about things they experience at your ex’s house that you feel you cannot live up to. However, according to Parents.com, removing the competition factor can not only alleviate your stress but also help to keep the peace during custody exchanges.

Your children deserve the love and devotion of both of their parents. Your ability to see past your differences and unite on behalf of your children can make a substantial difference in everyone’s experience.


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