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What you should do after a car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2022 | Injuries |

Gathering your thoughts right after a car accident is not easy. It is enough of a burden to digest what just happened, let alone figure out what to do next.

Despite the weight of your emotions, critical thinking is more important than ever after an accident. Neglecting due diligence can quickly lead to further problems.

Know what to check for

The first thing you should pay attention to after an accident is where your vehicle is. Under Texas law, you must move your vehicle off the road if you can still drive it. You should then check if there is an injury on the scene so you can help anyone in need. Whether there is damage or not, you should exchange contact information with everyone involved in the crash. It is also important to check if you hit any unoccupied vehicles; if so, leave a note with your information.

Know who to contact

Calling the police is crucial after an accident. This is especially the case if you cannot move your vehicle away from traffic, there is an injury, a driver has fled the scene or you think intoxication may have played a role. You must have liability coverage under Texas law, so keep your insurance card on hand in case an officer requests it. You should also notify your insurance company about what happened as soon as possible.

Even a minor accident can be a messy situation that could take time to resolve. The right steps can help you bring order to the chaos and keep issues from escalating.


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