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Avoid these 3 mistakes when breaking the news of your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Divorce |

After reflecting on your decision and deciding to go forward with divorcing your spouse, you might dread sharing the news of your divorce with your soon-to-be ex. Or maybe you feel like you need to share and get the weight off of your chest immediately. Either way, revealing such personal information to your family and friends can seem overwhelming.

Prepare for the divorce discussion with your spouse and loved ones by avoiding several common communication mistakes.

1. Starting the conversation without a plan.

Think about how you want your message to come across as your share your feelings and plans to divorce your spouse. Clearly state that you do not wish to stay married to your spouse anymore. Make sure they get the seriousness of the situation and your unhappiness.

Avoid bringing up exact issues with the marriage when you tell your spouse that you want a divorce. Hashing out these problems without the guidance of a professional may end up working against your mental health and divorce goals.

2. Sharing disparaging comments online.

Remain cautious and private with what you post online about your divorce. Social media posts often become evidence in family law cases. Do not hurt your case before filing for divorce by publishing snide comments about your spouse.

3. Telling your children last.

As a parent, you likely want to avoid seeing your child go through the hurt and confusion that comes with the news of your divorce. However, you should talk with those closest to you before sharing publicly. Children benefit from honest conversations with each of their parents.

Carefully handle the conversations surrounding your divorce to avoid inciting misunderstandings and conflict within your family.


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