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Addressing violations of parenting time agreements

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2024 | Child Custody |

Texas takes parenting time agreements quite seriously. It is legally binding and necessary for the well-being of children after separation. If your ex refuses to honor your parenting time agreement, it can create significant stress and disruption. However, you can follow the right steps to address this issue effectively.

Review the agreement

First, review your parenting time agreement or court order thoroughly. Ensure you understand the specifics of the agreement. Read about scheduled visitation times, locations, and any conditions to ensure you aren’t misunderstanding any aspects of the agreement.

Communicate with your ex

Attempt to resolve the issue through direct communication with your ex. Clearly explain how their actions are affecting your scheduled visitation and the well-being of your child.

Remind them of the terms of your parenting time agreement. Suggest a meeting to discuss and clarify any misunderstandings to avoid future conflicts.

Document violations

If your ex refuses to honor the agreement, document each instance of denied visitation. Note the date, time, and any reasons for the refusal. Detailed records can provide evidence if you need to take legal action against your ex.

File a motion for enforcement

If mediation fails or your ex still violates the agreement, you can file a Motion for Enforcement.  This legal action requests the court to enforce the parenting time agreement. You may want to reach out to an attorney to help you with this. 

When your ex refuses to honor your parenting time agreement, you must address the situation promptly and legally. Finding a resolution is always in the best interest of the children. 


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